It can be challenging to improve your health when there is 

so much contradicting advice out there and you have a 

full-time job or a family to take care of. 

Have you tried by yourself but you felt overwhelmed and confused? 

Do you have good intentions but things like time, no energy or lack of support seem to stop you in your tracks?

I have found that to achieve anything you need support and accountability; someone to walk beside you, cheer you on and keep you motivated.

Health Coaching can offer you the support, accountability, advice plus an action plan for taking your health to a new levelAs we work together, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and implement changes that will transform your health.


  • Moving from stuck and frustrated to finally knowing you are on the right path.
  • Uncovering the hidden reasons for your current health and having a step by step plan plan to get to your goals.
  • Moving from overwhelmed to empowered with the knowledge, skills and tools you will gain.
  • Being able to make sustainable changes to transform your health, so you no longer rely on quick fixes.

To make a change you need the tools, a plan and a supportive guide

 - that's where I come in.

Single Sessions
 - Skype, phone or In person
Prior to your consult you will fill out and return to me a comprehensive health appraisal
 including your health history, current food, lifestyle, stress and energy levels to determine where your health is currently. 

When you sign up for my single session you will get access to:
1 x 60 min consult 
Comprehensive notes following our session with recommendations
Unlimited emails for one month to get questions anwered

Food Detective 4 week Program 
- Skype, phone or In person

When you sign up you will get access to:
The Bio-Compatibility 500 Food hair test (value $247) 
3 x 30 min food coaching (value $180)
Shopping list of your bio-compatible foods
A 4 Week Symptom Tracker
A Food and Mood Diary
Easy, delicious recipes 

Stress Less Live More Program
- Skype, phone or In person

Reduce stress and overwhelm and relax tired, aching muscles

Learn stress management strategies and more...


To help get you out of overwhelm and instead feeling in control, I offer additional services.

A Pantry Clean Out 

Shopping Tour

Simple Meal Plans

Are you ready for change?

I invite you to join me for a complimentary 20 -minute phone session during which we will:

§  Get clear about your health goals

§  Identify the strategies that will help you succeed and create a roadmap to support your effort

§  Uncover the #1 challenge that is holding you back from your success

§  Learn the one thing you can do right away to achieve results

§  Complete the session with the excitement of knowing exactly what you need to do to succeed

Let's connect.