Is STRESS Affecting Your Productiveness, 

Your Relationships, Your Health, 

And Holding You Back From Showing

Up In Life At Your Best?

In small amounts stress can be a positive, helpful experience. The body activates the stress response 

when we are in danger which helps provide us with the mental and physical energy to either 'fight or 

take flight'. In daily life short term stress can improve motivation and memory. If stress is prolonged or

 chronic however, it can start to negatively affect our health and our lives.

Do you notice any of the following symptoms?



 Difficulty relaxing

Feeling "wired"
Irritation and frustration
Feeling overwhelmed

Weight gain


Do you suffer from digestive complaints that you just can’t seem to find the cause?

Do you once in a while get the feeling of suffocation or shortness of breath?

Do you sometimes experience the inability to concentrate or focus?

Do you have to depend on coffee or other stimulants to get going in the morning?

Do you have to rely on alcohol or a sleeping pill to wind down at night?


The Stress Less - Live More Program

Imagine breaking free from stress and overwhelm

Imagine hitting the reset button and feeling more alive, recharged, and renewed. 

You will learn strategies that will last a lifetime:

  • How to cultivate awareness about your stress triggers
  • How to use food and nutrition to alleviate stress
  • How to care for your physical body
  • Effective and easy to implement coping strategies
  • Relaxation techniques you can implement straight away

Here's what you get when you sign up for the Stress Less Program

Stress Less (via Skype or Phone) Includes:

Initial consultation (1 hour)
Mood and stress questionnaire
Supplement recommendations
Foods to include and foods to avoid
Simple lifestyle changes 
Follow up consult to help you integrate your changes
20 page Stress less Guide

Stress Less (with Massage) Includes:

Initial consultation (1 hour)
Mood and stress questionnaire
Supplement recommendations
Simple Food swaps and lifestyle recommendations 
Follow up consult to help you integrate your changes
2 Therapeutic Massages 

A 20 page Stress less Guide

If you are ready to get supported to de-stress,
 feel more energised and end overwhelm,
 book your complimentary 20 minute Discovery call now.

Kylie has been my Naturopath and Massage Therapist for well over 6 years. During this time, she has played a major role in helping me recover from stress related illness. I still continue to see Kylie as I believe her to be an important key to the maintenance of my fitness, health and mental well being. Kylie is very professional, caring and a pleasure to be around.
One of the things that impresses me most about Kylie is that she continually strives to increase her knowledge and expertise in the field of Naturopathy and Therapeutic Massage.

Tony La Spina, Brisbane