Shopping Well Tours

To improve your health it is important to buy quality, healthy products 
and leave behind the food that has no nutritional value.

With so much misleading information out there, shopping can seem an overwhelming chore,

 or at the very least, confusing. To save time with our busy schedules it is easy to choose the same foods week in

 and week out or give in to impulse buys or convenience foods.

I can show you how shopping can be a fun time of exploration and discovery as you try new foods and create a pantry to be proud of.

I will help you discover the many mistakes made by shoppers, dispel the myths, and set you on a path to good health.

Shopping Tours are available in small groups (grab a friend) or 1 on 1 in the Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast area.

Tours will be catered toward your specific dietary needs.