Food Coaching is for you if:

  • You have been told to change your diet by your Doctor or Naturopath and you feel stuck and confused
  • You have food sensitivities and feel lost knowing where to start
  • You are ready to make small, gradual changes that produce lasting results
  • You are ready to feel better than ever.

One On One Consultations

In person or online

3 consults x 45 mins


Meal Plans

Overwhelmed when it comes to knowing what to cook? i can provide a meal plan with your health condition, lifestyle and goals all taken into consideration.

Pantry Makeover

Health starts in the kitchen. As we examine your kitchen together, I will recommend foods to toss, food swaps and those to keep. You will be set up for success.

Shopping Tours
Spend an hour together to learn how to read and understand food labels, discover the best brands and how to confidently shop for your special eating plan.

1 Day Healthy Makeover Intensive

Food, Shopping and/or Massage... Let's do it!

If you are ready to commit to improving your health and happiness, let's get together for a day of education, inspiration exploration and motivation.

In 4-5 hours you will get individualised support and attention to kick-start your health goals, end overwhelm, feel empowered and fast track your success.