Start by connecting with your ideal clients and what they’re struggling with.
Speak to the pain they’re experiencing and their goals. This will let them know
that you “get them” and they’ll feel they’re in the right place.

orangeTick Then, share that there is a solution and that you can help.
This is where you can highlight the areas in which you support clients.

orangeTick Next, invite them into an initial consultation.
You might call this a strategy session, breakthrough session, or get-acquainted
session. Share what they will get out of the session. (Don’t oversell it, but let
them know what to expect and share the value of the call – even if it’s a free

orangeTick Include a prominent button where they can click to schedule the

This button can say “Schedule a FREE Nutrition Strategy Session.” Have the
button link to an online calendar where potential clients can schedule the call.
(I use TimeTrade for my online calendar, but there are loads of inexpensive
online scheduling systems that you can sign-up for. I HIGHLY recommend you
link to an online calendar because it not only saves you from emailing back and
forth with people, but I find that people are more likely to take immediate
action when they can pick a time and date right then and there!)

By using this structure, you’re actually coaching them. You’re making it clear
what their first step should be, and then you’re guiding and motivating them
to take this first step.