6 Week Wellness

  • earn how to eat mindfully and improve your eating habits
  • Gain insight into how the food choices you make everyday impact your emotions, your mental health and your body
  • Become aware of your body and gain confidence, strength and mobility with yoga
  • Enjoy a good sweat and deep stretch while reducing anxiety and anxious eating
  • Be inspired, motivated, feel confident that you have the knowledge to make healthier decisions

Nutrition & Yoga together will help you achieve a healthy body and a new relationship with food.

Summary of EAT WELL FEEL WELL sessions:

You will be required to complete a weekly food journal to hand in. Each week we will take about 10 minutes at the beginning of class to review how you are doing.

1: Nutrition: Holistic Fundamentals | Yoga: The Breath
2: Nutrition: Digestive Health | Yoga: Yin Yoga
3. Nutrition: Foods and Emotional Health | Yoga: Hip Opening
4. Nutrition: Stress-busters | Yoga: Finding Balance
5. Nutrition: Superfoods | Yoga: Opening The Heart
6. Nutrition: Detoxification | Yoga: Detoxification